Aims and Scope:


     GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites is a scientific publication, with an international status. The Journal is issued under the aegis of the University of Oradea, Department of Geography, Tourism and Territorial Planning, Territorial Studies and Analysis Centre (Romania) and the Academy of Physical Education and Sports from Gdańsk, Faculty of Tourism and Recreation (Poland). At the initiative of an international group of specialists, based on an editorial and scientific committee with a wide international coverage, including leading figures in the field, in 2008 was published the first English issue of the GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites. The printable format (2-4 issues per year) is supported by the on-line version.

      The journal aims to publish relevant contributions in tourism, geosites and other areas whose analysis is related to these fields, standing out through originality and scientific contribution to the knowledge and development of this area. An important objective is to promote academic and applied research based on interdisciplinarity with a complex local and global approach.

      The content of the publication is intended for a heterogenous community made of students, teaching staff and practitioners showing interest in tourism and geosites, and where the synthetic approach triggered by the connection of social and physical sciences (environmental) can contribute substantially to the understanding, promotion and development of places, regions and the territory in its whole.The journal meets the international requirements concerning the publication norms and ethics.